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Ferran Adria, the famous chef at the three Michelin star El Bulli restaurant on the coast of Catalonia has largely been credited with inventing and developing molecular gastronomy. The basic aim is to provoke, surprise and delight the diner in providing dishes where nothing is as it seems - gels that thicken when cooled and liquids contained in a transparent film.

Heston Blumenthal is probably the best know chef in the UK to work with this gastronomy and we have listed a full range of products for making your own gels, foams, airs, paints, emulsions, solutions, spherifications and flavour strips.

We can also supply you with fact sheets and recipe ideas for each product and even some of the equipment you will need to achieve your finished dishes - pipettes, digital scales, spray bottles and nitrous oxide canisters etc.

Among the more unusual products are some items that can be used for more traditional dishes - such as chocolate & carbonated crackle crystals which will give your desserts a wow flavour sensation if sprinkled on just before serving or the fizz powder that almost explodes on the tongue!!

If you didn't wish to go to the trouble of making your own preparations we stock an increasing array of ready made products such as Airspuma - a range of five different foams that you simply spray - approx 20/30 servings each, black truffle foam and mango & passion fruit the most popular.

Aromatiser sprays in twelve different flavours give a finishing contrast to your dish when sprayed just before serving.

Completely new on the market are Pearls - a small perfectly formed liquid droplet encased in thin film which when broken releases the flavour onto the tongue. Available initially in five different flavours including rose, mint and raspberry, packed in 100g jars.

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