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SalamiSalamis are a cured sausage containing air cured and fermented meat of any animal or bird, to which herbs and fat are added to the recipe.

Traditionally very popular in Southern Europe, because the salami's could be cut and stored for up to a month without refrigeration and provide a welcome meat ration to an otherwise meagre diet.

Out salamis are sourced from France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Hungary and also now from the UK

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Salsiccia 300g Call to place an order
Cured SalsicciaIngredientsPork, salt, sugars: dextrose, saccharose; flavourings and spices; ..
Spianata Romana Picante Call to place an order
Spianata Romana PicanteA mixture of coarsely ground pork, cubed pork fat, salt, flavourings and ..
Venison Salami 200g Call to place an order
Venison SalamiIngredientsLoin of venison, pork loin, Iberico pork belly, salt, garlic, spice..