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Multi Portion Desserts

Multi Portion Desserts
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Tiramisu Gateaux Call to place an order
A deluxe style handmade tiramisu gateau with coffee cream, chocolate and profiteroles.Ingre..
Triple Chocolate Gateaux Call to place an order
Rich robust triple chocolate, silky white, smooth milk and rich dark chocolate gateauIngredients..
White Chocolate Banana & Toffee Torte Call to place an order
Toffee sponge layered with caramel icing, smooth white chocolate truffle & bananas. Decorated wi..
White Chocolate Irish Cream Cheesecake Call to place an order
Chocolate crumb base with white chocolate and Irish Cream liqueur, finished in buttery caramel truff..
White Chocolate Tart - Baked Call to place an order
Handmade dessert, a rich combination of smooth white Belgian chocolate and cream in a sweet pas..