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Bread & Pastry

Bread & Pastry

We stock an extensive range of frozen part baked and fully baked breads, rolls, brioche and baguettes. Sourdough and flavoured breads are particularly popular and although the list is large we do have the availability of another 300 different breads!! - delivered to us next day, so if there is something that is not listed, please don't hesitate to ask.

Fresh & frozen pastries - shortcrust, Kataifi, feulle de bric and the fresh puff pastry on a 4.2kg roll, one of our best sellers simply pull out as much as you require and chill the remainder. Spring roll pastries, wonton skins, gyozas and blinis are also stocked along with a range of ambient breads such as pumpernickel and volkenbrot.

Specialist flours from France, and hard wheat and durum flours from Italy join with our own Cotswold flours and organic flours from Bacheldre watermill in Powys.

We also have a huge range of other flours - rice, gram and soya to name but a few along with baking ingredients such as yeast and the ever more popular bread mixes, easy to use ready yeasted - simply add water and bake - with varieties such as ciabatta and gluten free amongst the more usual.

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Sponge Sheets - Chocolate (38x58cm) x 12 Call to place an order
Sponge Sheets - ChocolateIngredientsWheat flour, Eggs, Sugar, Glucose-fructos..
Sponge Sheets - Plain (38x58cm) x 12 Call to place an order
Sponge Sheets - PlainIngredientsWheat flour, sugar, eggs, water, white eggs, glucose powder,..
Spring Roll Pastry 10' x 30 Call to place an order
Spring Roll Pastry 10 inch diameterIngredientsWheat Flour, Waer, Coconut Oil, SaltPack S..
Springroll Pastry 5' x 50 Call to place an order
Spring Roll Pastry 5 inch diameterIngredientsWheat Flour, Waer, Coconut Oil, Salt ..
Springroll Pastry 8" x 40 Call to place an order
Spring Roll Pastry 8 inch diameterIngredientsWheat Flour, Waer, Coconut Oil, SaltPa..
Steak Roll - Sourdough 40's Call to place an order
Steak Roll - SourdoughArtisan sandwich roll containing sourdough starter for open crumb texture ..
Tofu - Soft - 340g Call to place an order
Tofu (Soya) SoftIngredientsWater, Soybeans 8 %, Isolated Soy Protein 2 %, Firming Agent..
Tofu Firm - 349g Call to place an order
Tofu (Soya) FirmIngredientsWater, Soybeans 8 %, Isolated Soy Protei..
Walnut Bread - (Pain De Noix) (16 x 440g) Call to place an order
Pain Aux Noix (Walnut Bread)IngredientsWheat flour, water, walnuts (12%), non hydrogenated r..
Wonton Wrappers For Frying - 200g Pkt Call to place an order
Wonton Wrappers For Frying or BoilingIngredientsWheat flour, Water, Gluten, Maize starch, St..