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Traditionally fishmongers were always game dealers and Vin Sullivans is no exception having been a major processor of game sourced locally and from the Border and Marches regions.

Fresh game is available in season (details of seasons can be found in our catalogue) with a full range of species cuts and preparations.

Frozen game is now available all year round including wild boar venison and hare.

Ever popular is our range of game medallions including 'Trios' which are 60g medallions - one each of hare, wild boar and venison - also available in this range of portion control but packed in 2 x 90g are; Venison, wild boar, pheasant, rabbit and hare. Easy to cook, very competitively priced and guaranteed tender and full of flavour.

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Rabbit Legs -Bone In 175-225g x 10 Call to place an order
Farmed Rabbit LegsBone InPack Size10 x 175/225g ..
Rabbit Medallions 2 x 90g Call to place an order
Rabbit MedallionsWith Lard SurroundPack Size2 x 90g ..
Rabbit Oven Ready Farmed Call to place an order
Rabbit Oven Ready - FarmedPack SizeApprox 1-1.5kg ..
Rabbit Saddle Portions Farmed 140-180g Call to place an order
Farmed Rabbit Saddle Portions - bone inPack Size10 x 140-180g portions ..
Squab - Oven Ready - 350-400g Call to place an order
Squab - Oven ReadyPack SizeApprox 350-400g each ..
Trios - Venison, Hare, Wild Boar & Lard 3 x 60g Call to place an order
Game Trios60g Medallions each of Venison, Hare, Wild Boar all with lard surroundPack Si..
Wild Rabbit Whole Oven Ready Call to place an order
Wild Rabbit Whole - Oven ReadyPack Size1 per pack*May contain lead shot ..