Chocolate Crackle Crystals - 500g

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Chocolate Crackle Crystals

Carbonated sugar crystals are produced by melting, & hot mixing, a solution of sugar, lactose, corn syrup & water combined with carbon dioxide gas at 600 psi. On evaporation of the water and subsequent cooling the gas pressure is released, shattering the solid sugar mass and encapsulating a percentage of the pressurised carbon dioxide within the sugar pieces. These crystals are then coco butter or chocolate coated to protect them from moisture.

When the crackle crystals are eaten the temperature and moisture of the mouth melts the coating realising the small carbon dioxide bubbles resulting in a mouth popping sensation, guaranteed to liven up any dining experience!

Natural (coco butter coated) crystals are best applied to finished deserts & petit four just before serving in order to retain the maximum popping effect, however they can also successfully be included in low moisture content preparations such as chocolate, icings & butters.
When chocolate coated the crystals benefit from an extra layer of moisture protection so offer a greater degree of flexibility & will allow more advanced preparation dish inclusion.


Carbonated sugar (sugar (58%) glucose, carbon dioxide (4.6%), lactose(Milk)) chocolate (bitter chocolate (95%), coco powder, sugar, gum arabic)

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