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Soy lecithin is a natural plant based refined powder (suitable for vegan diets), which is soluble in cold liquids.
It has strong emulsifying properties that make it the ideal product for converting juices & light liquids into airs.
(It will not aerate oils). A 4% addition of lecithin is usually all that is required to stabilise liquid airs, excessive additions of lecithin will not add more foam but reduce the air content.

Lecithin also has the ability to emulsify otherwise impossible sauce combinations of liquids & oils. It is one of the natural egg phospholipids which enable fat to be dispersed in water in the making of mayonnaise & is the emulsifier in chocolate confectionery where it stops the chocolate & cocoa butter from separating.
Method for the production of light flavoured airs:
Mix selected liquid & the lecithin with a hand blender until dissolved.
Reserve until required.

Place the liquid in a tall container - this will create the best build-up of foam on final blending.
Using a hand stick blender blend the liquid near the surface to create light foam.
Continue for a couple of minutes until several spoonful’s of the foam "air" sit on top of the liquid surface.
Let sit for a minute or so to stabilize & then spoon off directly onto the plate. This process can be repeated to create as much foam as required.

Recipe Example:
Apple Air                                                  

500ml apple juice                                        
2-4 drops En-Place apple flavour drop          
2gm lecithin                                            

Lime Air

225g lime juice
275g water
1.5g lecithin
Pomegranate Air                                  

Pomegranate Juice                                 
250g Pomegranate Juice
10g Lecithin

Frozen Parmesan Air (in the style of El Bulli)

500g grated Parmesan
450g water
3g lecithin Mix the Parmesan with the water and gradually heat to 80 °C.
Stand to infuse for 30 minutes and strain.
Add 1.3g of Lecithin for every 250g of Parmesan liquid solution obtained.
Create the air with a hand blender.
Freeze & serve from frozen.