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Other Cured Meats

Other Cured Meats
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Bresaola - Sliced Ingredients Beef, salt, dextrose, natural flavourings; preservatives: E250, ..
Traditional Coppa - Sliced Ingredients pork neck, salt, sugars: saccharose and dextrose; spice..
Milano Salami - Sliced Ingredients Pork, salt, sugars: dextrose, saccharose; flavourings and s..
Mortadella Bologna PGI Sliced Made from a mixture of minced pork, cubed pork fat, salt and spices..
Smoked Pancetta - Sliced Obtained from the belly of carefully selected pig's, traditionally prepa..
Sliced Peppered Pastrami Ingredients Whole Muscle Silverside 76.9%, Water 19.2%, Salt 1.3%, De..
Pastrami with Black Pepper Cured Beef coated in Cracked Black Pepper. Ingredients Beef 86%,..
Serrano Ham Sliced Ingredients Pork, Salt, Antioxidant (E301), Preservatives (E252, E250) P..
Speck - Sliced Ingredients Pork, salt, spices, sugar: dextrose; antioxidant: E301; preservativ..