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Exotic Fish

Exotic Fish
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Crocodile Medallions Contains Crocodile(Fish) Pack Size 2 x 90g ..
Escargot - Ready Prepared Contains Snails(Mollusc) Pack Size 12's ..
Escargot - Snail Shells Empty sehlls ready for you to fill Pack Size 1 Dozen (12) ..
French Escargot Achatine Dressed and Cooked Snails in Brine Ingredients Achatine Snails(Mol..
Frogs Legs Contains Frog(Fish) Pack Size 6-8 pairs per 1kg bag *Note parvalbumin i..
Laverbread - Natural Cooked Seaweed (Prophyra Umbilicalis) Ingredients Seaweed, Salt, Water..
Product Name: Swordfish Loin Supreme 7/8 oz Description: Frozen IVP Swordfish Loin Supremes..
Product Name: Tuna Loin Supreme 7/8 oz Description: Frozen IVP Tuna Loin Supremes , Skinles..