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With time pressing in the busy kitchen many more restaurants are turning to ready made patisserie products, but it is important that they do not look like the restaurant next door and that they have that delicious homemade flavour.

Available as whole gateaux, tarts or cheesecake which includes such delights as peach & Devon clotted cream gateaux and blueberry and carrot cheesecake we also have a range of individual desserts which make catering for that wedding or special function so much easier.

Individual tart tatin, marbled chocolate & raspberry pyramid and deluxe trio of chocolate are amongst the favourites.

Our range of hot puddings can be heated in the oven or microwave for a few minutes from frozen making it easy to provide a whole range of desserts without any waste!! Most popular amongst this range are the delicious Belgian chocolate & cherry pudding and mouth watering ginger and Seville orange marmalade pudding - all extremely good value for money.

All supplied frozen with a shelf life of 5 days from defrost.

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Afternoon Tea Premium Selection Description  6 each of the below varieties; Lemon Tart S..
Black Cherry Profiterole Gateau 14 Portions, ready to cut Layer of fine chocolate sponge with ..
Traditional cheesecake with belgian chocolate and flakey chocolate bars - precut (12 portions) Lo..
Dark chocolate truffle & mint chocolate truffle set on a chocolate sponge base wth a lime mousse..
Individual Lemon Lime & Blackcurrant Tear Zesty lemon & lime citrus mousse set on cookie ..
Individual Rich Vanilla Cheesecake Traditional vanilla cheesecake , simply top with your favourit..
Luxury Orange & Passion Fruit Tart Orange juice and zest with passion fruit slow baked with c..
Raspberry, Strawberry & Lemon Torte Baked lemon sponge with raspberries, citrus lemon and Str..
Rhubarb and raspberries topped with moist frangipan slow baked and glazed (16 portions) Ingredien..
Strawberry & Prosecco Charlotte Fine décor sponge with strawberry compote & white chocola..
Traditional treacle tart made with breadcrumbs and syrup filling in a sweet pastry case. Ing..