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Individual Desserts

Individual Desserts
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Classic truffle mousse finished with a white chocolate truffle. Ingredients Cream (Milk), Dark..
Individual handmade desserts, blackcurrants with a hint of lemon and a cheesecake filling set on a s..
Cream (MILK) (38%), Custard (Full Cream MILK, Cream (MILK), Sugar, Whole EGG, Modified Maize Starch,..
Individual Cherry Chocolate Charlottes Rich chocolate mousse with cherries in centre surrounded b..
Sticky chocolate & sweet cherry in this delicious pudding. Ingredients Sugar, Water, Wheat..
Chocolate and Toffee Puddings with A Caramel Sauce Chocolate Brownie Sponge (57%) [Sugar, Wa..
Triple layer of raspberry, blackcurrant and white chocolate with lemon zest, topped with forest frui..
Satin sponge pudding with fresh apple and sweet blackberries, baked and glazed. Ingredients Va..
Soft centre flavoured with Irish cream liqueur and topped with Belgian chocolate truffle. Ingredi..
Rich, smooth Belgian chocolate mousse topped with mars, snickers, flake and maltesers drizzled in c..
Rich sweet honeycomb with white and and dark chocolate truffle mousse and caramel curls. Ingredie..
Individual Lemon Lime & Blackcurrant Tear Zesty lemon & lime citrus mousse set on cookie ..
Tangy lemon cream blended with rich cheesecake and crispy meringue, finished with lemon curd. Ing..
Lemon & lime, fresh cream and meringue in this delicious mousse Ingredients Water, Cream (..
Handmade mini dessert with three layers of fine chocolate mousse Ingredients Cream (Milk) (39%..