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Dessert Carriers

Dessert Carriers
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Baba Saverin Mini (505) Ingredients Wheatflour, Eggs, Margarine (vegetable oils & fats (pa..
Baba Saverin Mini (500) Ingredients Wheat flour, eggs, butter(Milk)(12%), yeast, salt,&nb..
Golden Brown Brandy Snap Baskets Ingredients Wheat Flour, Sugar, Golden Syrup, Glucose Syrup, ..
Chocolate Truffle Shells - Dark Plain chocolate with a dark-brown colour and a characteristic odo..
Chocolate Truffle Shells - Milk Ingredients Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Whole Milk Powder, Cocoa Mass..
Chocolate Truffle Shells - White Ingredients Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Whole Milk Powder,..
Choux Buns 7cm (830) Ingredients Wheat flour, Eggs, concentrated butter(Milk) (..
Dark Chocolate Coffee Cups Ingredients Sugar 49.5%, Cocoa Mass 43.0%, Cocoa Butter 7.0%, Emuls..
Eclairs - Large (860) Ingredients Wheat flour, Eggs, butter fat(Milk), water, leaven..
Callebaut Marie Charlotte Chocolate Cups Ingredients Cocoa Mass 51.0%, Sugar 43.0%, ..
Meringue Nests A white tartlet with wave crown, a foamy texture accompanies a sweet taste. Ing..
Baby Meringues (491)  A dessert associated with Italian, French and Swiss cuisine.  ..
Eclairs - Mini (849) Ingredients Wheat flour, Eggs, butter (Milk), water, leavening ..
Petit Fours - Assorted Chocolate Cups x 168 Case. Ingredients Sugar 41.5%; Cocoa Butter 30.5%;..
Profiteroles (820) Ingredients Wheat flour, Eggs, concentrated butter(Milk) (23.9%),..