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Dried & Tinned Fruits

Dried & Tinned Fruits
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Apple Rings Whole apples which have been peeled, cored, cut into slices and dried Ingredients ..
Apricots - pitted & dried Ingredients Apricots, preservative: sulphur dioxide 1600-2000ppm..
Marinated Baby Figs In White Wine And Rum Ingredients Figs(49%),sugar, white wine, rum, l..
Baby Pears in syrup Ingredients Whole Pears 49.41%, Water 35.85%, Sugar 14.50%.  pH Regu..
Banana Chips Banana Chips are made from Philippine Bananas of the Saba and Cardava variety.&..
Amarena Cherries Tinned Ingredients Cherries, Glucose-Fructose Syrup, Sugar, Sour Cherries Syr..
Black Pitted Cherries in Syrup Ingredients Dark Pitted Cherries, Water, Sugar, Citric Aci..
Red tart pitted cherries, infused with sugar and dried Ingredients Cherries (78.5%), Sucrose, ..
Cherries - Red 1kg Ingredients French Cherries grown in Provence (56.4%), Glucose Fructose Syr..
Cherries In Alcohol (Griottines in Kirsch 15%) stone removed 16-19mm caliber Ingredients Mo..
Cherries In Alcohol (Griottines in Kirsch 25%) without stone but with Stem 18-20mm caliber Ing..
Cherry Apples Ingredients Cherry Apples, Water, Sugar, Antioxidant E327, Acidifier E330. Pa..
Sliced and infused cranberries, dried to preserve flavour and colour Ingredients Cranberries (..
Crystallised Ginger Ingredients Ginger, Sugar Pack Size 1kg ..