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Serrano Hams produced from white pig breeds, and Teruel is one of the main producing areas where the ari is cool and dry - perfect for curing. It is often called the mountain ham and the name Serrano derives from 'de la Sierra', the high Spanish mountain area.

Iberico is the region from which the ham is produced, from Pate Negra, or black pigs, that roam the Dehesas - the cork oak forest in South Western Spain and feed exclusively on acorns to give a unique nutty flavour to the meat; This is Bellota ham. 

Recebo Ham is from the same breed of pig, but is fed on mixed grains as well as acorns, both are cured from 18 to 36 months.

Parma Ham PDO has to be produced from pigs that are reared, slaughtered and processed in a designated area around the town of Parma, Northern Italy. Proscuitto is produced in exactly the same way, but can be produced anywhere in Italy. San Danielle ham is a much fatter ham produced in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region of Eastern Italy.

We also have Bayonne ham from South West France, Blackforest smokey hams from Germany, Carmarthen ham from Wales, and we can also obtain the famous Cumbrian air cured ham.

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