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Tinned Vegetables

Tinned Vegetables
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Artichoke Bottoms The fleshy base section of the artichoke, with a tender texture and flavourful ..
Artichoke Hearts in Brine The very tender inside part of the artichoke, after the leaves discarde..
Artichoke Hearts In Brine  Ingredients Artichoke 62%, Water 37%, Sea Salt 0.7%, Citric Ac..
Sweet Beetroot Garnishing Glaze A sweet rich red glaze with the flavour and aroma of beetroot&nbs..
Organic Beetroot Juice Healthy refreshing, full flavour organic beetroot juice with 10% of presse..
Carrot Juice Pasteurised organic carrot juice with 1% of lemon juice  Ingredients Orga..
Coconut Milk Smooth, Creamy Homogenous Liquid. Creamy tasting with a white colour. Ingredients..
Jackfruit in Brine Ingredients Young green jackfruit, water, salt, citric acid (E330) Pack ..
Jalapeno Peppers Green Sliced Ingredients Green Jalapenos, water, vinegar, salt & calcium ..
Red Nacho Sliced Jalapeno Peppers Ingredients Red nacho sliced Jalapeño (57.14%), Water (..
Organic Passata - (Sieved Tomatoes)  Obtained from tomato juice which undergoes concentratio..
Pickled Gherkins - Cocktail 300-400 Ingredients Gherkins, Wine Vinegar(Sulphites), Acetic..
Pickled Gherkins - Medium 50-70 Ingredients Gherkins, Wine Vinegar (Sulphites), Acetic Ac..