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English Cheese

English Cheese
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Applewood - Cheddar cheese blended with a natural smoke flavour, surface dusted with papri..
Bath Soft - Organic A handmade, single herd farmhouse soft cheese of a square shape and white mou..
Berkswell A vegetarian sheep's milk cheese made from unpasteurised milk. It is a hard cheese and ..
Blacksticks Blue is undoubtedly the daddy of all blue cheeses. It starts with the nose, continues th..
Cornish Brie A brie which is full of flavour: rich, creamy, buttery with hints of mushroom. In..
Channel Island Brie A soft, ripened, unpressed cheese made from Channel Island Milk Contains ..
Chatel Brie Contains Cows Milk Pack Size Approx 200g ..
Grated Cheddar  A traditional hard chese made using cow's milk which has also been grated.&n..
Cheddar Montgomery Montgomery traditional rinded Cheddar cheese made from raw cows milk with a di..
Wookey Hole Cave Aged Cheddar  Appearance:  Uniform, even shape. Pale yellow/straw colo..
Matured Cheddar Block A hard pressed Cow's Milk Cheese.  Ingredients Whole Cow's&..
Mild Cheddar Block A hard pressed Cow's Milk Cheese.  Ingredients Whole Cows Milk ..
Cheshire Blue Cheese  A hard blue coloured veined Cow's Milk Cheese. Typical flavour of..