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Blackmore Vale multi award winning Dorset Clotted Cream, Produced since 1958  Pack Size 4..
Blackmore Vale Buttermilk A very low fat, fermented dairy product with a characteristic soured fl..
Clarified Butter Milk fat rendered from butter to separate the milk solids and water from the but..
Creme Fraiche A French style thick, fresh cream. Slightly soured, giving a mild and pleasant tast..
Creme Fraiche Ingredients Milk, Cream(Milk), Milk Solids, Lactic Culture, Corn Starc..
Liquid Egg Whites Ingredients Egg White,Pasteurised 100% Pack Size 1kg  ..
Liquid Egg Yolks Ingredients Egg Yolk, Pasteurised 100% Pack Size 1kg  Nutrition..
Liquid Whole Egg Ingredients Whole Egg Pasteurised 100% Pack Size 1kg  Nutr..
Full Fat Cream Cheese, from Dorset - Blackmore Vale (23%) A cream cheese with a rich smooth ..
Mascarpone Fresh cheese obtained by acid-thermic coagulation of milk cream. Contains Milk&n..
Soured Cream (Set) A smooth set solid product with a cream lactic flavour; no off flavour. Ing..
Greek Yoghurt Authentic Strained Yoghurt produced from fresh pasteurized cow milk enriched with m..