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Multi Portion Desserts

Multi Portion Desserts
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A combination of sweetened raspberries and moist chocolate frangipan baked in a rich chocolate pastr..
Black Cherry Profiterole Gateau 14 Portions, ready to cut Layer of fine chocolate sponge with ..
A handmade toffee & caramel gateau finished with a caramel glaze garnished with Italian ama..
Rich, dark chocolate blended with fresh cream, eggs and sugar in a sweet pastry case, slow baked and..
A handmade classical chocolate truffle mousse with chocolate sponge, finished with a chocolate mirro..
Baked apple tart with toffee sponge, topped with apple slices and glazed. Ingredients Apples (..
A delicious handmade dessert with a biscuit crumb base with gooseberries, cheesecake mousse and choc..
A smooth lemon cream cheese mousse set on a muesli base, lemon glazed. Ingredients Cheesecake ..
Handmade sweet pastry tart filled with a rich combination of eggs, lemons and cream Ingredients ..
Ingredients Cheesecake Filling (58%) [Cream (Milk), Low Fat Soft Cheese (Milk), Water, White Choc..
Sweet pastry case filled with almond sponge, white chocolate praline filling and pears, studded with..
Fine sugared décor sponge with white chocolate truffle, clotted cream and sweet peaches. Finished wi..
Ingredients Low Fat Soft Cheese (Milk) (24%), Cream (Milk), Water, Muesli Base [Digestive Crumb {..
Raspberry, Strawberry & Lemon Torte Baked lemon sponge with raspberries, citrus lemon and Str..
Fine décor sponge with white chocolate truffle and clotted cream, strawberry mousse, strawberry comp..