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Meat, Poultry & Game

Our fresh meat is prepared for us by an award winning team of local butchers and specifically to your requirements.

Only limited number of fresh meat cuts are stocked by us, but many others are ordered in as you require, vacuum packed for maximum freshness for you!

It is no surprise since Wales is famous for its abundant lush grassland that Welsh beef, Welsh lamb and free range woodland pork top the popularity stakes and can be provided either as bone in or boneless cuts or as portion control steaks and chops.

Gammon, bacon, haggis, mixed grills, ham, black or white puddings and a full range of offal - pigs cheeks, ox cheeks, hearts, livers, kidneys, oxtail and sweetbreads even faggots and kebabs complete the range.

Shropshire Rose Veal - animal welfare friendly veal is available in a variety of cuts - topsides, rib roasts, livers, osso bucco, marrow bones, tails, kidneys and sweetbreads.
These animals are loose housed on straw and fed traditional solid feed, not milk fed. The flesh is a little darker than milk fed but still has the veal flavour and texture and compliments our Dutch Friander Veal

Locally produced kid meat is also popular during the spring and summer, while mutton tends to be more popular during autumn and winter

Suckling pigs popular for summer parties and barbeques are also much sought after for Christmas celebrations and winter functions weighting in at between 18 and 25lbs

Fresh Wagu Beef and grain fed USA beef are available to order in primal cuts - e.g. ribeye, striploin, fillet, rump etc.

Nearly 40 different varieties of sausage are stocked - all in natural skins and include such varieties as pheasant and thyme, steak and marmite, pork and stilton, and duck and apricot.

Our extensive range of frozen exotic meats are renowned and available either as primal cuts or as portion control steaks - our most popular preparation. The range includes Kudu, Eland, Impala, Zebra, Bison, Kangaroo, Camel, Ostrich, Reindeer, Wildebeast etc - even Locust, Crocodile, and Rattlesnake!!

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