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World Foods

World Foods

As well as a complete range of herbs and spices to enhance your Mexican, Caribbean and Cajun dishes we also stock a complimentary range of sauces, pastes, specialist vegetables, seasonings and breads.

Napolas cactus, refried beans and turtle beans are probably better known than the mole paste which is made from chilli and chocolate or the cuitlacoche which is is also known as the mexican corn truffle and is fermented Indian corn husk.

Ras al Hanout, preserved lemons, or bergamot lemons head up the North African section and charmella paste - a type of fragrant chilli paste must be used for authentic Moroccan dishes.

The Chinese range is more recognisable and sourced from an authentic Chinese manufacturer. Most of the sauces and pastes are available in small jars or tubs or for the larger user in competitively priced two litre tubs. Top amongst these is the Hoi Sin sauce which is also useful as a marinade for the Barbeque.

Indian foods have taken a back seat these days with so many restaurants and supermarkets specialising in that cuisine but we have a wide range of pastes, chutneys and pickles as well as naan bread, bread mixes and gram flour.

The Japanese range features eight different soy sauces as well as citrus vinegar, goma dressing and flying fish roe.

Six types of dried seaweed, sticky rice, panko breadcrumbs, tofu and a range of vegetables including edamame - soy beans in pod - all help to make up the Japanese section - but with another 250 other items available do not hesitate to ask for any products not listed.

Ever popular is the Thai, Vietnamese and Malay range - Tom Yum paste and sambal oleck being the most popular, but the top sellers must be the Thai fish sauce and the sweet chilli dipping sauce - available either in glass bottles or in plastic squeezy bottles.

All these items are authentic origin and very reasonably priced. However if there is something not listed, please don't hesitate to ask!