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Continental Cheeses

Continental Cheeses
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Jarlesberg A semi hard medium fat cows’ milk cheese Contains Cows Milk Pack Size Appr..
Maasdam A unique Danish Cheese - an initial fresh and lightly sweet, tangy flavour, carried by su..
Mahon This cheese has a distinctive, sharp, milky and damp, slightly acid and salty flavour. I..
One of Spain’s best known cheeses, made from ewe’s milk. It originated in La Mancha but is now made ..
Monteray Jack Hard pressed Cow's Milk Cheese.  Ingredients  Whole Cows Milk ..
Mozzarella Block A pure, creamy tasting semi-hard cheese which is slightlty salty and slightly so..
Mozzarella Bocconcini Contains Cows Milk Pack Size 1kg (100 x 10g balls) ..
Buffalo Mozzarella  Fresh stretched curd cheese obtained by enzymatic coagulation of pasteur..
Mozzarella Cherries Ingredients Cows Milk 99.38%, Sea Salt 0.6% Pack Size 5g x..
Mozzarella Smoked (Scamorza) Cows Milk Mozzarella with a smokey finish. Ingredients ..
Old Amsterdam A typically flavoured Gouda Cheese. Ingredients Pasteurised Cows Milk, S..
Paneer Indian Style, high moisture cheese used for cooking, particularly in Asia - low in salt, h..
Parmesan - Grano Padano One of Italy's most popular cheeses. The cheese is made from unpasteuris..
Parmesan Regiano Contains Cows Milk, Salt, Calves Rennet Pack Size Approx 1kg Nutriti..