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The word charcuterie is derived from the old French for flesh "chair" and cooked "cuit" and was originally intended as a way to preserve meats long before the advent of refrigeration. In fact is is recorded that the Romans imported salted meats from Gaul as early as the first century A.D.

There is a veiw that charcuterie only covers pork products but it is now covers all meat products that are cooked, salted or preserved.

Our range of charcuterie covers the full gammit of the charcutier's art - pates, terrines, sausages, saucisson, baocn, trotters, salamis, hams, anti pasti and much more. They are sourced not only in the UK but also from France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Spain and Hungary.

The range listed covers our most popularly stocked items, we have many more available to us - just give us a call.



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Smoked Pancetta - Sliced Obtained from the belly of carefully selected pig's, traditionally prepa..
Panchetta Lardons Smoked & Cubed Ingredients Pork 96.23%, Salt 3.36%, Dextrose 0.28%, Gluc..
Parma (Proscuitto Crudo) Boneless Quarters Ingredients Pork leg, salt; preservative: potass..
Prosciutto Di Parma (PDO) - Sliced Four ingredients are essential to the production of Parma..
Proscuitto Crudo cured ham Delle Feste - boneless Ingredients Pork leg, salt; preservative:..
Parma Style Ham (Proscuitto Crudo) Ready Sliced & Interleaved Ingredients Pork leg..
Parma Style Ham (Proscuitto Crudo) Ready Sliced & Interleaved Ingredients Pork leg..
Sliced Peppered Pastrami Ingredients Whole Muscle Silverside 76.9%, Water 19.2%, Salt 1.3%, De..
Pastrami with Black Pepper Cured Beef coated in Cracked Black Pepper. Ingredients Beef 86%,..
Serrano Ham Whole bone in - with stand and knife Ingredients Pork, Salt, Antioxidant (E301), P..
Serrano Ham - bonelss  Ingredients Pork, Salt, Antioxidant (E301), Preservatives (E252, E..
Speck Ingredients Pork, salt, spices, sugar: dextrose; antioxidant: E301; preservatives: E250,..