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The Chef's Room

There’s nowhere quite like a professional kitchen. Intense. Dangerous. And highly demanding...


Combine this with the immense pressures that come with running a business, and you have an extraordinarily difficult environment.


So it’s easy to see how chefs can lose sight of the bigger business goals when daily kitchen demands fail to relent.


That’s why we have created ‘The Chef’s Room’; our purpose-built development studio where chefs can develop exciting new concepts away from the daily pressures of service.





Situated at our rural Blaenavon offices, The Chef’s Room is the ideal environment to further your business. Work alongside our Product Development team to source the finest ingredients for culinary exploration, or with your own staff for specialised training sessions.


The studio is beautifully fitted with the latest professional kitchen equipment, and can be hired by the hour, day or even week.


To find out more, please contact us.