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Canapés & Appetisers

Canapés & Appetisers
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Mini Seafood Blini Selection - Thaw & Serve Ingredients Salmon & Cream Cheese Blini C..
Yorkshire Pudding, Beef & Horseradish Ingredients Beef Mince Filling: Beef Mince (26%), Wa..
Roasted field and button mushrooms with red onion confit encased in a crispy bread crust Ingredie..
Individual vegetarian parsnip, cranberry and chestnut loaf Ingredients Wholemeal  Loaf wi..
Roasted parsnips, chestnuts, soft green and red lentils and onions in a  crispy bread crust wit..
Pork Plum And Brandy Pate Pork liver, onions and herbs in a firm pate topped with  plum cap ..
A mixture of white and brown crab meat with lime juice and zest topped with a butter and olive oil g..
Smoked mackerel blended with cream cheese topped with lemon butter and dill in an individual ramekin..
Tender pieces of pork in a barbeque sauce with apple sauce encased in crispy bread crust. With a sep..
Smoked Salmon & Beetroot Grav Starter A smoked salmon mousse containing cream cheese, cream a..
Smooth and rich smoked salmon pate with dill, lime juice and zest. Garnished with half a black ..
Three Cheese Tart Pear & Rosemary Cheese pastry tart filled with pear and rosemary chutney, l..